Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to place my order online?

Yes, your payment information is secure, all our online payment transactions are processed safely and securely through PayPal.

Do I need a PayPayl account to order?

No, it is not necessary for you to open or use a PayPal account. PayPal provides the secure processing of all our online payment transactions.

What quality ingredients do you use?

Morning Bird, Inc. products are all made from human grade ingredients of the utmost quality. Though not recommended, our products can be consumed by humans and are entirely safe for your home and bird(s).

What dosage of a product do I administer to my bird(s)?

Every Morning Bird, Inc. product label has instructions for dosing. If a bird's size is relevant to the dosage of a product, the label will advise how to properly administer the product.

How long do Morning Bird products last?

Under the bar code on every Morning Bird, Inc. product is an expiration date. Each product shipped has 12-24 months prior to the expiration date. After the expiration date, the products begin to degrade, but are still safe to use. Their effectiveness decreases as time goes on.

Should Morning Bird, Inc. products be refrigerated?

We recommend refrigeration of liquids and refrigeration or freezing of powders. Cold storage will lengthen the shelf life of the products.

Why were there live insects in my birdseed?

Every person or company who deals with seeds will at times experience live insects in their products. There are no exceptions. The seeds are grown in various locals and it is during this process that the insect larvae or eggs are attached to the seed plants themselves. When the seed plants are harvested and sold to a seed broker, the larvae and eggs go right along with the seeds. Resellers of the seeds, like Morning Bird, Inc., purchase the seeds from the brokers and repackage them for distribution. The insect larvae and eggs are usually not visible during repackaging. Occasionally, during transportation and storage of the seeds to the consumer, the larvae and/or eggs will mature and transition into live insects. The metamorphic process of larvae or eggs transitioning to live insects is more common if the seeds are stored in a warm environment. Live insects are not of any danger of any sort to your bird. In fact, most birds will do their best to catch and eat the insects. Birds are naturally insect eating creatures and insects are a great source of protein for your bird. Morning Bird, Inc. thinks about one in every one hundred bags of seeds we offer will contain live insects. The problem is most people do not want live insects flying or crawling around their house or aviary.

Here are the policies which Morning Bird, Inc. uses regarding live insects.
1. No seed product containing observable live insects will be shipped by Morning Bird.
2. Morning Bird will freeze any product containing observable live insects for at least twenty four hours.
3. Morning Bird has strategically placed many pheromone bait stations throughout its facility to trap flying and crawling insects.

Here are some suggestions of what you can do to deal with seed products containing live insects.
1. Immediately freeze any product containing live insects for at least twenty four hours.
2. It is always best to store unused seed products in the refrigerator or freezer.
3. Place pheromone insect traps near where seed products are stored (if not refrigerated or frozen).

Live insects do not have much of a place in our lives but they definitely have a place in your bird's life.